Varsity Victory!

censure-statement-posterDownload Dear supporters,  After more than four months of an unprecedented international campaign and academic censure, the University of Toronto administration finally offered the position of director of its International Human Rights Program in the Faculty of Law, to Dr. Valentina Azarova. This was a key condition for lifting the Canadian Association of University Teachers …

Academic Freedom and Anti-Racism

As a Black faculty member at the University of Toronto who is outraged by the University administration’s actions in the Law School scandal, I was glad to read Masha Gessen’s recent analysis of it in the New Yorker. Most of it is excellent, highlighting core issues of human rights, donor influence and academic freedom that make this scandal so complicated and important. The more I thought about it, though, the more discomfited I became. My discomfort, I think, has everything to do with race... By Dr. Melanie Newton

Remembrance of Things Not Past

The scandal in the University of Toronto Law Faculty shows us the doom of repeated history.    Twenty five years ago on May 24, 1996, my colleagues and I entered a struggle for academic freedom at U of T Medicine confronting the power of a billionaire donor to the University.  A few years later the scandal of Dr. David Healy, even more closely paralleling that of Dr Valentina Azarova, broke. Both controversies raged for years; in my case it never ended... By Dr. Nancy Oliveiri

#UofTScandal: Jewish Faculty at the University of Toronto in Support of the CAUT Censure

We write as Jewish faculty members at the University of Toronto to express our support for the Canadian Association of University Teachers’ (CAUT) unprecedented censure of our institution. We oppose the suppression of scholarship on Palestinian rights implied in the current crisis at the Faculty of Law, and the ways that the interests of the “Jewish community” have been invoked to achieve the breach of academic freedom at the heart of the current scandal. Not in our name.