Resignations & Cancellations

Apr 23/21 Resignation as Chair of Asper Centre Kent Roach Law

Apr 26/21 Resignation as Northrop Frye Professor (1 year engagement) Denise Ferreira da Silva Centre for Comparative Literature

Apr 26/21 Cancellation of “Seven Bridges (Kant)” film event D.N. Rodowick, Ian Balfour, Rebecca Comay Jackman Humanities Institute

Apr 26/21 Message from OCAD Faculty Association to members to respect academic boycott of UofT, from Min Sook Lee N/A

Apr 27/21 Cancellation of Public Lecture “Finding a voice and a home: selected reflections of a clinician educator with Professor Raed Hawa” Raed Hawa Psychiatry

Apr 27/21 Cancellation of Lecture on Human Rights and Africa as part of Conference “The Ethics of Human Rights: International & Interdisciplinary Perspectives” Ayça Çubukçu Centre for Ethics

Apr 28/21 Message from HRW Deputy Director of Middle East and North Africa stating that HRW’s academic partnership with UofT law is at risk Michael Page Law

Apr 28/21 Cancellation of “Black Feminist Sonic World-Making” music event akua naru, Azmera Hammouri-Davis, Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo, members of the global Black womxn-led KEEPERS Munk School, Centre for the Study of the United States, Faculty of Music, UofT Central

Apr 28/21 Cancellation of “Hearing Palestine” event Nadi Abusaada Institute of Islamic Studies

Apr 29/21 Postponement of “Deparochializing Political Thought” event Melissa Williams Political Science

Apr 30/21 Cancellation of Keynote lecture “Can You Be White and Hear This? The Racial Art of Listening in American Moor and Desdemona” Kim F. Hall Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies

Apr 30/21 Postponement of “Marxism in South Asia” workshop Priyansh P Centre for South Asian Civilizations

Apr 30/21 Cancellation of two speaking events at UofT by Harsha Walia

Apr 30/21 Message of solidarity with CAUT censure from The University of Toronto Law Union Law

Apr 30/21 Cancellation of Munk School event “Seeing China and the Asia-Pacific from India”

May 1/21 Cancellation of “BIPOC Solidarities Roundtable” event, Jackman Humanities Institute

May 2/21 Cancellation of “Textile in Global Manuscript Cultures” workshop, Arts & Science

May 3/21 Cancelled: Event with Celina Caesar-Chavannes, author of Can You Hear Me Now?, previously scheduled for May 17th.

May 5/21 Cancellation of “Settler Histories: Perspectives from Canada” event Sarah Carter, Laura Ishiguro, Daniel Ruck, Cecilia Morgan. Jackman Humanities Institute, OISE

May 6/21 Statement from Michaëlle Jean postponing lecture on systemic racism.

May 7/21 Cancellation of DCI Talk: A Planet of Citizen Laboratories.

May 7/21 CUPE 3906 stands in solidarity with the CAUT censure

May 8/21 Citzenlab will not collaborate with Faculty of Law until censure is lifted.

May 11/21 Statement of solidarity from UK University and College Union

May 14/21. Janani Shanmuganathan declines invitation to serve as co-chair of the University Tribunal.

May 14/21 Proxy Festival at the McLuhan Centre cancelled to honour censure.

May 17/21 Conference relocated off UofT campus & webspace. “Expanding the penal landscape: The immigration detention phenomena.”

May 18/21 Postponed Asian Institute event, “Envisioning Asian Canadian Futures: Film Studies as Anti-Racist Pedagogy.”

May 18/21 School of Environment issues statement in support of CAUT censure.

May 19/21 Technoscience Research Unit supports CAUT Censure at the University of Toronto,

May 19/21 Professor Raed Hawa cancels CAMH lecture in support of CAUT censure, “Finding a voice and a home: selected reflections of a clinician educator”

May 20/21 Cancellation of lecture by Professor Brigid Doherty in Germanic Languages and Literatures, “Courbet’s Window Pane or, Walter Benjamin on Painting as an Attempt to Surpass Photography”

May 21/ Cancellation of the event “Sex in the Archives” at the Bonham Centre of Sexual Diversity Studies in support of the censure:

May 26/21 Cancellation of CIDE seminar with Professors Abigail Bakan & Yasmeen Abu- Laban, “Knowledge Production and UN World Conferences: Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Indigenous Peoples and Politics”

May 28/21 Professor Ian Mosby ends affiliation with the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health,

June 3/21 Cancellation of ‘CIARS in Conversation’ webinar series

June 4,5/21 Postponement of TEDxUofT Momentum conference: “After educating ourselves on the reasoning behind and the University’s response to the CAUT censuring of the University of Toronto, the TEDxUofT team has made the decision to postpone the 2021 TEDxUofT: Momentum conference, in support of the censure.

June 14/21 Global Urban Network seminar relocated to respect CAUT censure

July 22/21 Suspension of Lead-Up Events for the RWL12 Conference

August 10/21 Cancelled keynote lecture by speaker – Hannah McGregor – for Digital Pedagogy Institute Conference.

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